Why IsoWhey

Why IsoWhey®
Key Features

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Why IsoWhey® - Key Features

Key features and benefits 

IsoWhey is much more than a protein powder. Scientifically formulated, the IsoWhey range continues to boast premium formulas, now with the added benefit of Seagreens®, a raw superfood containing antioxidants, polyphenols and polysaccharides.  

Utilising cold, enzymatic, ultra-filtration techniques, IsoWhey contains ultra-purified whey protein isolate and high grade whey protein concentrate, providing over 15g of high-quality, biologically active protein per serve. 

The nutrient-rich IsoWhey formula contains the following nutritional benefits: 

Only 7.5g carbohydrates per serve

15g of pure whey protein, sourced from grass-fed cows  

Alkaline Seagreens® - a rich source of iodine, iron, calcium and potassium

Fortified with 12 vitamins and 11 minerals 

Added glutamine and medium chain triglycerides

Litesse® - a low GI fibre that nourishes probiotics and helps you feel full

Probiotics - for intestinal balance

Digestive enzymes - for digestive health

No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners - naturally sweetened with xylitol

Gluten Free and only 0.1g lactose per serve


IsoWhey is available in 5 delicious flavours - Ivory Coast Chocolate, Madagascan Vanilla, Strawberry Smoothie, Banana Smoothie and Classic Coffee.