Kerryn Hoffman's story

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Kerryn Hoffman's story

Kerryn Hoffman's

I am 20kg lighter, happy, healthy and full of energy thanks to IsoWhey a whey protein supplement. Just by following the recommendations in the IsoWhey Booklet, I lost two kilos each week for the first five weeks and went on to lose another ten kilos easily. For four weeks I followed the Intensive Programme and replaced breakfast and either afternoon tea or dinner with an IsoWhey shake. At other meal times I ate foods from the recommended food lists. The recipes were yummy and easy to follow. I didn't have extensive shopping lists to plan or follow and it didn't feel like I was having a diet supplement.

There was no exercise regime to adhere to. I didn't have to resist any cravings - there weren't any. (I even easily resisted peanut butter toast - a favourite of my Daughter's and a previous weakness of mine!) After the initial four weeks I went on to the Maintainence Programme and continued to replace breakfast with an IsoWhey shake.

I still chose the recommended "catabolic" fruits and veges over others. It's not complicated, it's just habit now. I continued to lose weight without a great deal of effort. The best thing of all is that I have kept the weight off for over six months now and no longer fear putting weight on.

I even enjoy the odd piece of peanut butter toast and know that my metabolism will deal with it!
I had my first IsoWhey shake almost two years ago and I still look forward to it each morning for breakfast - just because I love the flavour, the sustained feeling of fullness and the energy it gives me. I am ME again! They are the best weight loss shakes. 

Kerryn Hoffman 12 July 2009