David Bellamy's story

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David Bellamy's story

David Bellamy

A colleague at work got me started on IsoWhey, as I am a shift worker and finishing work when everyone else is in bed found me heading home past the all nigh?t fast food places and living on junk food. At the time I was comfortable in a relationship and found I was getting bigger every day. We wanted to start a family and my partner was advised to shed some kilos to help with conception and I thought I would join her. The relationship did not last however my drive to lose weight did and I continued with the weight loss.

There was a time when I considered having lap band surgery but it was a costly procedure. I felt I would rather save that money and use my will power to stick to the IsoWhey weight loss supplements and programme which in turn would teach me healthy eating habits. I found the IsoWhey booklet easy to follow and soon got hooked on salads. I consider this very important in making the IsoWhey programme a lifestyle change for me and not just a way to lose weight fast.

The weight started to come off easily and this kept me motivated. I noticed my health improved significantly and I was really enjoying and looking forward to my 'diet' shakes. I began sleeping better and my snoring drastically improved. As the kilos decreased my self esteem increased and I was feeling great.

To date I have lost 47 kilos and am on track to reaching my 80 kilogram target weight.

I am thankful to IsoWhey for showing me how to diet safely - it is a great product and has become a big part of my life.