Alexandra Harris

Alexandra Harris before and afterA bad combination of stressful study and fast food caused Alexandra's weight gain to spiral out of control, until she discovered the IsoWhey Healthy Living Programs and lost 30kg.

"In 2010 I completed my Bachelor of Education degree with honours and the stress of that year led to me gaining more than 15 kilos,” says 25-year-old Alexandra Harris. “I was already overweight beforehand, but that extra weight was very noticeable – both physically and in how I felt. After graduating, I travelled to Europe with my partner where I indulged in rich food, cheese and pastries. I came back even heavier and after looking at the photos of my trip, decided something had to be done!” 

At first, Alexandra made the choice to cut out any take away and fast foods from her diet and started increasing her exercise. However, when she began reading articles on healthy eating and learned that sugar had a major impact on weight gain, she was ready to take her weight-loss to the next level.

“I was after a protein shake that was low in sugar (which is hard to find – even the ‘diet’ shakes are packed full of sugar!). My mother's doctor recommended IsoWhey shakes to her and she seemed to be enjoying it and had experienced success, so I decided to give it a go.” 

Alexandra weighed in at 87 kilos when she came across IsoWhey, the high protein weight management formula with 23 vitamins and minerals, pre- and probiotics, and digestive fibre.

“IsoWhey turned out to be the best thing for me, because I used to skip breakfast and then overeat later on, or snack on high sugar foods such as chocolate to get energy. But now I find the shake easy and appetising to have first thing in the morning – giving my metabolism a good boost for the rest of the day,” she says.

Alexandra's diet now consists of an IsoWhey smoothie for breakfast with low-fat milk and some chia seeds thrown in for extra fibre. Her favourite snacks include fruit such as apples and nuts, while lunch usually involves cheese, vegetables and a protein such as turkey. For dinner, Alexandra prepares a meat dish with a side salad or fish with either salad or vegetables. 

“Through a diet low in sugar and high in ‘clean’ foods, including IsoWhey, I find weight maintenance easy. I'm never hungry and don't lack energy,” explained Alexandra.

After about a year and a half of healthy eating, exercise and support from the IsoWhey Healthy Living Programs, Alexandra has lost an amazing 30 kilos and dropped to an ideal weight of 57 kilos. 

“It wasn't all easy. There were a few challenges along the way. For a few months at a time I would plateau and stay on the same weight, but then suddenly four kilos would just disappear. It has always been a lifestyle not a diet, so the time it took was never an issue.

“I think the biggest obstacle is time and being prepared – I make sure I always have healthy appropriate food in my bag – including IsoWhey Low-Carb High Protein Snack Bars. This way there is no chance of me slipping and eating something that won't make my body feel as good as it should,” says Alexandra

The main reason why Alexandra says she wanted to lose weight was to get back into a healthier shape and feel more comfortable in her own skin. And with her love of clothes and fashion, she was even more motivated to get fit and healthy.

“Being smaller makes clothes shopping fun!” says Alexandra. “I have so much more energy and excitement for life. Don't get me wrong, I was definitely a happy person before, but now I look on the outside how I have always felt on the inside. I can do more things, have more confidence and look good in any dress off the rack. Recently I snorkelled in the Great Barrier Reef and then parasailed over the Whitsundays – I don't think I would have been game enough before!”

Recently, Alexandra was honoured to be a bridesmaid at her sister's wedding in their hometown in South Australia. She looked forward to the family event, which gave her extra motivation to stay in shape and wow the crowd in her beautiful blue dress.

“Most of the support during my weight-loss journey came from my family and boyfriend Raf. Mum and Dad love the IsoWhey range and have both been successful in managing their weight with it. We eat healthy together and are always looking out for each other to keep ourselves on track,” says Alexandra.

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