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IsoWhey Wholefoods

IsoWhey Wholefoods is a premium wholefoods range which is full of nutrient-rich ingredients, catering to individuals with specific nutritional requirements and to those who want more from their smoothies.

The IsoWhey Wholefoods formulas boast a range of nutritious ingredients for optimal health. The protein powder in this range delivers high quality alkaline plant-based protein for those seeking an alternative to traditional whey and soy proteins.

With a base of Organic Bio-Fermented Pea + Brown Rice Protein and 6 superfood blends to choose from, the the options are endless when it comes to blending up your favourite combinations.

Both the superfood-infused protein powder and the six superfood blends are a great addition to any smoothie or healthy snack.

IsoWhey Wholefoods also offers nutritious and delicious snacks and sprinkles, all packed with superfoods and nourishing natural ingredients to support a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Key Features & Benefits

The products in the IsoWhey Wholefoods range are all gluten free and dairy free. Plus, contain no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.?The range also offers vegan friendly and soy free options.

The majority of the IsoWhey Wholefoods product are also certified organic.