Looking to get back on track with your health and weight-loss goals, but can’t see the wood through the Christmas trees (and holiday roasts, and puddings, and glasses of bubbles …)?

Fear not! With these six easy steps, you’ll be back on the road to a lighter, healthier you in 2018. Let’s do this!


1. Don’t set unrealistic resolutions

Are you one of those people who pledges to go to the gym every day, eat nothing but salad and never touch another drink every January 1st? Only to have resolutions thrown out the window by January 2nd?

Huge sweeping goals are not only totally unrealistic, they can cause really negative thought patterns where you might ultimately feel like a failure. But seriously, who could achieve totally unrealistic goals like these?

The trick is to be SMART with your resolutions – set goals that are small, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based. So, perhaps commit to losing one kilo in one week by eating smarter and exercising five days per week.

And if you do fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up. You’re only human, and tomorrow is another day.


2. Get organised

A clutter-free space is a clutter-free mind! Take a day or two in January to get your physical and digital spaces sorted.

Detox the pantry (that box of Favourites from Christmas Day is hard to binge on if it’s not there). Pay those outstanding bills. Run those errands you never get around to doing. Answer those emails that have been sitting in your inbox for months. Declutter and donate.

Removing all that unnecessary stress from your life will set you up for a winning year, where you can better focus on the important things.


3. Get reacquainted with your kitchen

The easiest way to take control of your health? Get cooking! Cooking your own meals using real, unprocessed ingredients ensures you know exactly what you’re eating.

If time is an issue, try setting aside a few hours at the weekend to do one big cook up. Roast a whole chicken and divide it into single serve portions and freeze. That way you always have a home-cooked meal on hand. Enjoy with lots of veggies or salad and a little wholegrain carbohydrates, potato or sweet potato.

Looking for quick, easy, nourishing meal option that actually supports fat-loss and digestive health? With 15g of protein per serve and23 vitamins and minerals, prebiotic fibre and no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, IsoWhey shakes have you covered.

For a delicious smoothies, Just pre-chop your fresh ingredients and whizz them up with your favourite IsoWhey flavor (think Madagascan Vanilla, Salted Caramel or even Classic Coffee).


4. Flush it out

Your body has probably undergone a bit of stress in the past few weeks of silly season frivolity. Help get it back into balance by upping your water intake and doing the IsoWhey 15 Day Cleanse; it’s the perfect way to support the body’s natural cleansing processes.

Staying hydrated will help your body flush out toxins and keep your hunger in check (it’s easy to confuse hunger with thrist – even being a little bit dehydrated can cause this).


5. Get moving

Committing to sweating it out at boot camp every morning from the 1st of January probably ain’t going to happen.

But committing to even half an hour of daily movement – morning yoga on the bedroom floor, a walk around the block after dinner ¬– will do amazing things for your health and weight-loss goals. Start small, and build up as your fitness and motivation increases!


6. Take a break

Mental health is just as important as physical help if you want to start 2018 right. Take some time just for you each day – even if it’s just five minutes of silent reflection or meditation.

Meditation is a boon for emotional wellness and has even been linked to better immunity!

Apps like Headspace and Smiling Mind can help get you in the meditation groove if you find sitting with your own thoughts a little tough.

Wishing you great health in 2018 and beyond!

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