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Sacha inchi, sometimes called Inca peanut, is a wild climbing perennial legume found growing in the high-altitude Andean rainforest through the low-land Amazonian jungles of South America. It has an ancient history of a traditional food among the indigenous people of the region who used the seeds and leaves as nutritious daily staple for as long as 3000 years.1
After the seeds are removed from their star-shaped pod, they are lightly roasted to produce a tasty, mild nutty flavour. Sacha inchi translates to “the seed of life” due to its abundant nutrient content, particularly omega-3 and protein. In contains a beneficial proportion of three omega fatty acids, with 23% omega-3, 17% omega-6 and 5% omega-9 which have important roles in the body.2
With an impressive 28% protein, sacha inchi also provides a range of amino acids.3

5 tips for healthy weight week

By the Travelling Dietitian Kara Landau

1. Aim to include a balanced mix of lean protein, nourishing healthy fats and gut strengthening fibre at each meal to ensure you feel full and satisfied throughout the day.

2. Incorporate at least one probiotic- and prebiotic-rich meal or snack each day to get your gut health fighting fit!

3. Find as many different deep-coloured fruits and vegetables that you enjoy every day to ensure you obtain an abundance of disease and age fighting antioxidants.

4. Before you reach for that extra snack think about whether you are actually hungry or just bored.

5. Try new exciting healthy ingredients to keep the variety and enthusiasm around healthy eating up! I love mixing it up with special ingredients such as the IsoWhey Wholefoods Organic Sacha Inchi Seeds with Sea Salt, hemp seeds, and prebiotic fibre sweeteners to ensure my taste buds and mind are constantly intrigued by what’s next on my menu!

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